Margaret Beissinger

Ch. 1:
Music, Dance, Performance: A Descriptive Analysis of Manele
Anca Giurchescu & Speranța Rădulescu

Ch. 2:
A History of the Manea: The 19th to the Mid-20th Century
Costin Moisil

Ch. 3:
How the Music of Manele is Structured
Speranța Rădulescu

Ch. 4:
Romanian Manele and Regional Parallels: "Oriental" Ethnopop in the Balkans
Margaret Beissinger

Ch. 5:
Actors and Performance
Speranța Rădulescu

Ch. 6:
The "Boyar in the Helicopter": Power, Parody, and Carnival in Manea Performances
Victor Alexandre Stoichita

Ch. 7:
Manele and the Underworld
Adrian Schiop

Ch. 8:
Village Manele: An Urban Genre in Rural Romania
Margaret Beissinger

Ch. 9:
Turbo-Authenticity: An Essay about "Manelism"
Vintilă Mihăilescu

Speranța Rădulescu

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Margaret Beissinger

The Introduction sets forth the reasons that the editors originally embarked on the current book project on manele (sg. manea). These include the significant role that manele have occupied in contemporary Romania—first as an underground genre and after 1989 as a popular form that expressed dissent in response to the officially-controlled Romanian “national” music-making that had dominated the communist period. Central to this discussion are the impassioned reactions, both pro and con, that manele have generated and why they have been voiced so loudly. The Introduction concludes with a brief section that presents the authors and types of research and fieldwork that they have employed, along with a resumé of the chapters of the volume.

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